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Elements. Functional furniture systems for kitchens in evolution.

The living space expands. The rules of kitchen design are rewritten, unleashing creativity. Linear modules, which can be arranged according to the attitudes and habits of those who use them, completely integrate their suction function within minimal forms designed to accommodate accessories, lighting elements and support surfaces.

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The models making up our elements collection transcend traditional boundaries of aspiration, interpreting the suction element in an innovative way, becoming part of a modular architecture that is multifunctional and fully integrated into the kitchen.

Versatility is the key element: the primary function of the extractor hood is perfectly incorporated into the kitchen design and its configuration possibilities are expanded. Elements optimizes and creates new spaces. This was the idea behind our exclusive Monolith, Shelf, and Air Wall modular systems: three brand new products whose designs 'hide' technology within singular elements, and that integrate perfectly with interior design projects.

Air wall

Each of these systems is an expression of falmec's extraordinary design and manufacturing capabilities: construction excellence, innovation in technology and design.


Functionality multiplied

An element of the most precious design, conceived in order to cater for every kitchen need in the most refined way.

The extractor hood is totally integrated into a furnishing located on the worktop that acts as a natural divider between the kitchen area and the living room.
It contains, welcomes and accommodates kitchen accessories, herbs & spices, crockery, and anything that makes the kitchen a place for living and sharing.

Balanced volumes of rigorous proportions trace a functional and orderly space that is free of clutter, leaving room for the creativity of those who use it.

The result is a handy vane with suction function and modular containers that can accommodate ladles, herbs & spices, knives, cutting boards and other kitchen utensils, as well as electrical outlets, for a kitchen that provides maximum practicality.
To switch on Monolith's suction module, simply open it slightly at the top, and with just the touch of a button it is possible to control the suction and lighting functions.

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suction shelf

Minimal and versatile, Shelf is a modular system that has been designed to form a continuous shelf along the kitchen wall, within which the suction function and much more can be integrated.

Extra modules of 60 and 90 cm can be added to the 120 cm "hood" element, by positioning them next to the suction body, creating a fully customised hanging system that is tailor made to fit your kitchen.

Not just a shelf

The structure is made of black painted steel with a black satin aluminum profile that wraps around its front and sides, creating a clean defined form. Its rear is equipped with an integrated LED strip with a dynamic light that provides optimal illumination of the worktop along the entire length of the shelf. Finally, Shelf can be further enhanced with various accessories such as spice racks, tablet holders and other wall mounted equipment, for a highly functional kitchen.

Shelf is technology and innovation concentrated.

Thanks to exclusive Multi-Air technology, Shelf incorporates a very thin suction element in a shelf structure of only 10 cm in thickness, equipped with a removable vane to increase smoke suction capacity. Multi-air shares the suction power of a single motor with various smaller motors, and in this way is able to guarantee the same suction capacity, but within a smaller space. No less effective is its Carbon.Zeo filter that ensures the complete elimination of odours, increasing well-being in the home environment.

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Air wall

vertical integration

Air Wall takes kitchen design to new levels of compositional freedom.

Air Wall vertically integrates suction technology into a backlit, white tempered glass vertical panel. With Air wall it is therefore possible to transform the back of your kitchen into a multifunctional surface that effectively extracts smoke and odours, while at the same time illuminates the worktop with an evocative ambient light.

The lightness of its lines is combined with ease of use: at the touch of a button the suction element opens, and the integrated LED strip lights up.

What's more, the panel's magnetic system allows you to add extra functional accessories - such as tablet holders, spice racks and small shelves - and to position them freely on its surface..

Extraction takes place by means of a flap, which can be opened manually, allowing the passage of air, and access to the 'hood' function controls.

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